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Can your real estate investment support your new Belize lifestyle?

Written By: Naomi Anderson

This is not an uncommon question to the many who are contemplating making the big jump over to the relaxed pace and balmy climes of the Caribbean. As a Realtor with Belize Sotheby’s, I’ve certainly heard it myself quite a few times and I’m always happy to respond that yes, it definitely is possible.

In a recent article in International, Ann Kuffner, their Belize correspondent wrote…”if you shop smart, this tiny English speaking enclave (Belize) can be one of the most affordable places in the Caribbean”.

What’s important is that you measure your investment choice(s) with a healthy balance of financial reality. Now I understand this isn’t always easy, especially when you’re thinking of days filled with sun drenched beaches and clear waters of the Caribbean just waiting for you to jump in. However, before you get to that you need to do your homework and investigate into the real cost of living in your chosen area. Be honest with yourself about the quality of lifestyle that will satisfy you and measure this against the reality of what your investment can provide. Sometimes that means getting reliable and verifiable information on the past, current and/or projected income performance and even going so far as understanding the demand for your particular product or services in that area.

The Placencia Mini Storage property is a perfect example of an excellent revenue generating property that provides a steady, stable income while affording its Owner a business that basically runs itself.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 4.24.29 PM

While most Buyers of income generating property on the Peninsula are veering towards tourism centric investments such as vacation rentals, condos in hotel management etc., this property is perfect for someone who is looking for something that will put little strain on their time and resources, more specifically, when it comes operating costs and property upkeep”.

While so much of the other investment properties rely on seasonal income from tourism, Placencia Mini Storage enjoys year-round income because, simply put, people always need storage. The charming one bedroom guest cottage on the property also allows taps into the growing rental market on the Peninsula providing an additional income stream.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 4.24.39 PM

The location of this property is also ideal for the mini-storage business. Less than 500 ft. from the local airstrip makes a quick stop for Clients to pick up their personal belongings, vehicles, golf-carts and even boats and jet skis. With the steady demand for this service on the Peninsula and no competition in this industry, the potential for expansion is very high making this one of the most exciting real estate investments currently on the market.

For more information on this great property and other invest options that fit your unique Belize lifestyle contact me today at (email: naomi@belize or visit us at

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