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2017 Sotheby’s International Realty Global Networking Event

This years Sotheby’s International Realty Global Networking Event at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas was a outstanding experience for more than 2,600 of the best Sotheby’s Brokers in the world. We watched our brand not only reach new heights but fiercely fly by the competition with our new “LIVE” campaign! Brokers from over 35 countries around the world were able to network, learn, and be truly inspired by the leading luxury real estate brand that is now dominating the world of real estate across the globe. The new campaign “LIVE” is exactly what it sounds like. We want our customers to not just buy real estate but Live the dream of owning property wherever it may be. LIVE-CLASSIC. LIVE-ISLAND. LIVE-MODERN. LIVE-SKI are just a few of the styles that were portrayed at the event. Consumers today do not just want a product, they want an experience, and the goal of our new campaign is to give the consumer a new way to look at buying real estate. Each property will tell a story that makes the customer really connect and appreciate their property choice in life. There were many new digital ways introduced to connect people around the world with real estate and give them a more simplified way to research and acquire their dream home. We as agents are extremely excited to have such an amazing brand to represent us and will continue to surpass the competition by keeping in touch with the needs of the modern consumer. LIVE – SOTHEBY’S

Matt Lyon, Curt Fisher, Holly Boren, and Michelle Lyons are excited to be living it up with the new “LIVE” Campaign that Sotheby’s 2017 GNE rolled out!

Philip White our CEO is pumping up 2,600 Sotheby’s brokers for our new “LIVE” Campaign

Time to mingle with the best real estate brokers in the world!

Sotheby’s International Realty Networking Event Video

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